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Calendar View, Quick Search, Create Task from File or Folder: Highlights from Joinder's March 1, 2021 Release - News / Release Announcements - Joinder Support

Mar 1 2021

Calendar View, Quick Search, Create Task from File or Folder: Highlights from Joinder's March 1, 2021 Release

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What’s New 3.1.21

The latest Joinder update includes a Calendar view for Tasks, creation of Task from a file or folder, file search within a Workroom, quick Search results, Workroom type color coding, performance improvements for large folder sets as well as additional systemwide performance improvements and bug fixes.


Manage all of your tasks by using Joinder’s new Calendar View. 

  • Filter this view by Organization (client/legal provider) or Workroom. 
  • Quickly see and open and task related documents or comments



  • When you’re working with records in Joinder and you need to follow up on a missing file or needed revision, try creating a task right from the folder or file. 
  • The folder or file will be linked to the new task. 


The new Quick Search feature shows a list of top search results and provides the ability to move to another workroom directly from those results. 

  • Now conduct a full text search for only those documents in the workroom you are currently in. 


Color coding has been added to workroom cards and search results to help indicate the type of workroom you are viewing.

  • Purple = Records Workrooms
  • Blue = Active Workrooms
  • Green = Template Workrooms


An integration tab has been added to the user settings page.  As integrations are added to Joinder they will be linked here.  Currently users can download the Joinder desktop application for Windows from this page.


  • When previewing a file in a Task from a Create Task, the file options and preview are off.
  • Fix to prevent folder tree collapsing when using Drag Drop upload.
  • Overall folder tree performance improvements, particularly for large volumes of folders.
  • Fix to allow Files added on the To Be Filed folder to be included during creation of Related and/or Template workrooms.
  • Pressing the enter button is no longer required when renaming a folder.
  • Fix to allow columns to be resized when in Records - Grid View.   This fix makes the Size and Modified By columns readable once again.
  • Fix to table format under Records of all workrooms are changed and some column contents are gone when a file in the Records section is edited.
  • Fix to enable the New Folder icon in Records to create a new folder when clicked. 
  • Fix to allow multiple files to be transferred when files are moved from one folder to another under the feature server.
  • Fix to display Files uploaded under To Be Filed folder in the correct location.  These files where previously being displayed in the All Files node. 
  • Fix to show default folders in Records section after creating a New Workroom.
  • Swap in Joinder TOS and Privacy Policy on Orrick Instances (US and EU) and force new TOS acceptance.
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