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How do I use contract management software with Joinder

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Getting the contracting process under control is a priority for most legal teams, so deals can close quickly and effectively. This requires a recurring process for reviewing, approving, signing, storing and managing your contracts. Contract management software can help, starting with Joinder.

With the Joinder template for contract review you can establish review criteria, assign legal team ownership, establish approval checkpoints, send documents for e-signing (available soon for DocuSign), store drafts and signed copies in your records repository, and put contract deadlines like renewals and expirations on the calendar.

With your contracts and deadlines stored in Joinder, all of your legal work and work product – litigation, compliance, personnel, IP, governance and contracts -- is in one place, on one calendar and in one searchable repository.

If you use contract management software for advanced features like AI analysis or deadline extraction, Joinder also can easily import documents and kay dates from your existing system, as they are created. Using a unique email address, you or your workflow manager can add Joinder to your system’s notifications. Joinder will parse these and add them to your calendar and records. In a brief, one-time process, our customer success team can help you import existing contracts and deadlines into Joinder for a complete historical record.

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