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How do I install the Joinder App for Slack?

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With Joinder's solution for legal department intake, you can now accept project requests directly from internal clients through Slack. Requests land in a dedicated intake workroom where you and the legal team can triage, assign and track all requests in a single place.

To activate this solution, first create a new Legal Intake workoom from our template:

  1. Select the New Workroom button 
  2. Choose the template: Legal Intake and Ticketing (for Slack).  Click Next.
  3. Select "Do Not Connect to Records" option. Click Next.
  4. Provide Workroom Name (i.e. Your Company Name Legal Intake). Click Next.
  5. Upon successful creation you will be redirected to the new Legal Intake Workroom

Within your new workoom, go to the Settings tab.  Under Integrations flip the switch to connect Joinder and Slack:

Allow Joinder to access your Slack workspace:

In Slack you will now see:

  1. Your new legal-intake channel
  2. Click link to the corresponding Joinder Intake Workroom. Find toggle for "INTEGRATIONS" and Copy the Slack command.
  3. Return to Slack and paste the command into the legal-intake channel chat.

A confirmation message will be posted on the channel

Once installed, use Slack to submit legal intake requests into Joinder.  Click here to learn how.

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