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How do I create a Workroom?

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A Workroom is a space that allows teams to collaborate on projects or cases. Your team can use its Workroom to manage records, tasks, and provide updates. Creating a new Workroom establishes a new working space for your team, which can include internal and external legal professionals.

To create a new Workroom:

On the Workrooms page, click the  button at the top right.

The New Workroom window opens. At the top you can select Create New (default) to create your Workroom manually or Use Template to create a Workroom from a predefined template.

In the New Workroom window, add your organization and team details:

  • Workroom Client – The name of the Organization for which you are creating the Workroom. In an attorney-client relationship, this is the client Organization. Begin typing the name of the Organization to see a list from which you can choose. 
  • Workroom Name – Create a name for the Workroom associated with your project. Use one that will make it easy for you and others to find later.
  • Client Number, Matter Number, Other identifier – These are optional fields that can be used for client specifics like account or case numbers. In some cases, these may be provided through a connection with your Organization’s systems.
  • Description – Use the description field to add high-level information that will help team members understand the purpose of the Workroom.

After completing all required fields, select:.

You'll be taken to your new Workroom.

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